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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft DynamicsGP is a complete and scalable business management solution that can help your growing and midsized organization get up and running quickly, maximizing the productivity of your people.

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes robust financial and operational functionality, such as advanced consolidation, business intelligence (BI), rich reporting, forecasting, and budgeting. Because this functionality is available right out of the box, you can integrate and automate your financial and operational processes more rapidly. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the stability you require, so you know your solution can help support your business-critical needs today and in the future.

Top Benefits

Helps you get up and running quickly. With out-of-the-box functionality, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you configure your solution to meet specific needs without adding cost and time to the implementation process.

Familiar to your people. Microsoft Dynamics works like other Microsoft products you and your people are familiar with, helping reduce the time required to learn how to use it and freeing up time to focus on what matters most.

Fits with your systems. Microsoft Dynamics works the way your current technology works, so it fits easily into your systems, helping to maximize your investment in Microsoft technology.

Run your business more effectively. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes and creates an efficient bridge between documents, spreadsheets, and more structured work such as accounting transactions. So you can quickly and accurately execute time-consuming financial and business management processes. Keep the focus on efficient operations that boost profitability, rather than on entering data and chasing down information.

Fuels your business productivity. Microsoft Dynamics helps fuel your business productivity by automating your business-critical operations and adapting to fit into your type of business, ensuring the most relevant insight.

Enables confident decision making. Microsoft Dynamics helps you respond rapidly to the changing demands of your business, providing access to real-time data that can be easily analyzed in familiar tools such as Microsoft Office Excel® spreadsheet software. This gives you more complete insight across your organization so that you and your people can
make timely and informed decisions with increased confidence.

Adapts to the changing needs of your business. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides scalable functionality so that you can license what you need today and add capabilities as your needs change. Microsoft Dynamics GP has the stability you require, so you know your solution will support your business-critical needs today and in the future.

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At Iceburgh Solutions, LLC we can asses your unique needs and determine how Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions can increase your usability and profitability. Let us show you the software at you offices, or over the Internet. Contact us today at (412) 877-7114 or send a request for more information...

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